I’ve Had a Child. I’ve Had Abortions.

Birth Control Doesn't Always Work 12
Birth control doesn’t work for every woman. It didn’t always work for me. It didn’t always work for my friends. I’m grateful we had access to safe, legal abortions (in the US) mainly through Planned Parenthood.

I was born and raised in California but now I live in England. I find it interesting that a country with liberal reproductive and maternity rights has far fewer abortions than we have in America.

English women have access to free or very low cost birth control and abortion. Even forty years after abortion was legalized in America, it remains a much more complicated, controversial process than it is in the UK. It’s one of many reasons I enjoy living here. Reproductive freedom is taken for granted in Britain.

I’ve had a child. I’ve had abortions. I’ve had my tubes tied twice – once at the age of 25 and again at 47.

~ Marsha Coupé

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