Proud of my Strength

Proud of her Strength 17

I had been seeing a guy for only a few weeks & found out my birth control failed (yes, I know I should have used condoms, too). When I went to his place to let him know (I was freaking out), I found out he had been seeing someone else for *months*, and he made it clear he wanted no part in its life should I choose to have it.

Regardless, I really was not ready for a child at the time, so, I spent a week or two thinking on it & decided that the best choice for me was an abortion. Unfortunately, I had to wait two more weeks for the embryo to develop so the doctor could be sure he removed it. It was a very unpleasant two weeks, as I was very fatigued all the time & just making it to work was a tremendous effort. This just cemented my decision, knowing I could not work full time while pregnant because of how it made me feel, much less care for a newborn alone, with nothing other than court-ordered child support (which I do not believe in in the case of accidental pregnancy when a mother chooses to keep a baby that the man does not want).

I have had no regrets about terminating that pregnancy & am NOT ASHAMED of it.

I am *PROUD* that I was smart enough & strong enough to make the best decision for myself!!!

~Melissa McCurley

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